9 celebs to follow for body positivity inspo

2 August, 2021 . by Erica Sinni

In an image-obsessed world, the anti-diet movement is gaining momentum. And when it comes to body positivity, these celebs and influencers are leading the charge.


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‘We’re parents just trying to do the best we can’

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When it comes to parenthood, Guy and Jules Sebastian say they are just like the rest of us.


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How Shameless podcasters found courage to follow their dreams

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In their early 20s, Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald quit stable jobs to launch a podcast. It was a massive leap of faith – but it’s paying off big time.


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You won’t find Facetuned photos on Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou’s social media channels – and there is a really important reason for that.


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Sir John Kirwan’s darkest days led him to tackle anxiety and depression head on. Now the rugby champion is on a mission to help others improve their mental health using…


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Shane Warne’s high-profile relationship with Elizabeth Hurley brought him something other than global headlines – a whole new appreciation for self-care.


Why Angie Kent will be ‘forever grateful’ for The Bachelorette despite break-up

12 July, 2020 . by Michelle Rose

Bachelorette star Angie Kent has revealed her heartbreak over her split with Carlin Sterritt – but says she doesn’t regret a thing and will now focus on rebuilding herself.