How to recreate Jade Kisnorbo’s signature half-up pony hairstyle

The House of Wellness beauty expert Jade Kisnorbo shows readers how to achieve her signature half-up pony hairstyle at home.

Sleek, relatively straightforward and the perfect solution for oily locks, ponytails deserve way more recognition in the hair community than they get.

From half-up, half-down concoctions to variations that sit high, low or even to the side, the styling opportunities are endless, which is why the hairstyle is gaining traction again.

Get the look: Half-up pony

jade kisnorbo half up pony

Step 1

Spray dry shampoo at the roots and disperse through the hair to create grit, texture and volume. This step is particularly crucial on freshly washed hair as it helps give the hair more hold, adding longevity to the style.

jade kisnorbo half up pony

Step 2

For additional volume and hold, section the hair and use a hairdryer to apply heat close to the root before blasting with cool air to set.

jade kisnorbo half up pony

Step 3

To nail effortless, S-shaped curls, use a wide curling wand (38mm wand or wider). Vary the lengths of hair that you curl, ensuring that you are curling the hair away from the face as you go. Leave the last 2.5cm of each strand out of the curler for a more lived-in effect.

jade kisnorbo half up pony

Step 4

Lightly tug on each strand of hair as you curl to loosen the waves as they set. To lock in the style, use a strong hairspray section by section rather than over the entire head. This is particularly beneficial on hair types that struggle to hold curls or waves.

jade kisnorbo half up pony

Step 5

Master the 70s-esque curtain fringe by using hair clips at the crown of the head to push your front layers forward and down. Leave them secured while the curls cool down and set.

jade kisnorbo half up pony

Step 6

Take the top back section of your hair and smooth back into a high pony, brushing out any bumps as you go. Secure the pony with a band, wrapping a hair strand around it to conceal.

To complete the look, backcomb each curl at the bend to give the style more body before smoothing down any flyaways with a final touch of hairspray.

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